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  1. Tholm
    Tholm MagnusEffect
    I saw your ARK server and thought it looked awesome! Any way I can get an invite?
  2. brian odoherty
    brian odoherty
    hav'in a GREAT day , how bout You !!:}
  3. brian odoherty
    brian odoherty
    NOT a new guy !
  4. Yeshua
    Yeshua mitlan
    I am back in game off and on. What up? Look me up I am Procyon Alpha now. Seeing if anyone is still playing.
  5. Iron Fang
    Iron Fang Dihm
    Excuse me, lowly peasant here... or maybe pissant (depends on who you talk to I suppose...) I was told to ask about requesting to join the super secret taboo thread so I can stop getting in trouble with my "too political for this section" posts. So how about it? Got any room for another deplorable supporter of the political process?
  6. Wolf Ward
  7. Benjamin the Rogue
    Benjamin the Rogue
    Still have a dead PC. Sneaking about on the forums through mobile phone.
  8. DarthWacko
    Noob status unlocked. Next up, turbo scrub, lets do this
  9. Matorullk
  10. Wolf Clearwater
  11. Trevnor
    U fuckkin wat m8?
  12. Seymour13
    Information tab updated.
  13. Lohenbringer
    MWO-ID: lVKwjYOV Pilot-Name: Lohengrim
  14. Hepatitis TK
    Hepatitis TK
    Derailing a thread is easy. Getting others to unwittingly derail a thread, that's a form of art. :D
  15. D0RC
    answering application questions
  16. Alg3braic
    Hit me up for Destiny on xbox 1
  17. Hepatitis TK
    Hepatitis TK
    Apparently I'm the relative that the shieldwall is too embarrassed to be seen with. "Guys, put Hep back in the garage, we got company!"
  18. Tony
    I like turtles.
  19. SheepHugger
    Outraged over everything!
  20. Yamabushi Giri