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    All members are expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct.
    1. Be excellent to each other. We are all adults, and we are all looking for an enjoyable time online. So don't be dicks to each other. This applies to your interaction with members as well as non-members. Personal attacks will receive a Warning, whether it is on the forums, on Discord, or elsewhere.
    2. Be constructively critical. It is fine to have disagreements and I guarantee that there will be some, but don't attack the person. If the attack is personal, a Warning will be issued. If the person is simply being non-constructive, moderators will step in to try to get things on track. If the offender continues to be disruptive, they will be Warned.
    3. If you say you'll do something, stick to it, or at least inform people you can't. We love when people set up group activities, but don't leave your fellows hanging. If you can't make something, do your best to let people know. Repeated occurrences of no-show-no-notice will lead to a Warning.
    4. Participate in the forums and on Discord. Both are needed for us to be a well rounded community. We can't get to know each other if we never interact. It is required that you check in on the forums at least monthly, or else you may be removed for inactivity. We cannot track TS participation, but we can take admittedly highly subjective samples from our officers and HR to see if people are ever around, and use that sampling in our inactivity decisions.
    5. Check the drama. No one is here because they enjoy being babysitters and mediating personal conflicts. If people are continually disruptive and spreading drama, they will first be asked to stop, then begin to receive Warnings and face possible removal.
    6. Show your allegiance, be proud to be Skjaldorg. You're here to be part of this community, so we would hope you would want to proudly fly our standard in whatever game you happen to be in. This is only enforced in our Official Branches. HOWEVER, there may be exceptions granted.
    If the Skjaldborg has an Official Branch in a game that involves competitive guild vs guild interaction, the following applies.
    • Skjaldborg members are expected to play with us, should they begin playing the Official Branch game.
    • All users will default to having access to all Branches once they are promoted to full member.
    • If we find that a member has joined another group for a game listed among our official branches without knowledge of leadership, they will be removed from the Skjaldborg.
    • Games which are not Official Branches ignore these rules. We do not have an official presence within the game, though it is preferred that people still group together and try to form a Skjaldborg group, if possible, as it could some day become Official.
    • In special circumstances, a member can request to be exempt from access to a specific branch if there is a conflict of interest regarding dual-memberships. In that case, the member will have their access to the specific Branches Member section removed, to protect OpSECS!
      • Should a new member join us for one Branch and already be part of another group for an alternate Branch, they will be allowed an exception and will have their Member section access removed for the Game Branch in conflict.
      • Should an existing member desire to join an external game-specific group for a game which has an Official Branch, they must ask for an exception from leadership. If granted, they will have their Member section access removed for the Game Branch in conflict.
      • Members who have a game exception will be ineligible for Skjaldborg community leadership positions (Overseer, Commissar).
      • Members who have a game exception who advertise their new group to Skjaldborg Members will be seen as attempted poachers. Punishment could range from a Warning to outright removal.
      • Members who have a game exception will need ineligible for awards for that game.
      • Official Branch channels on voice comms are reserved for members of that branch. Non-members or those with exceptions will be directed to public TS channels.
      • Any member who leaves a Skjaldborg in-game unit without prior written/forum notice and permission, for any Official Branch, for any reason, will be considered to have left the community and will not be welcomed back. All permissions will be removed for that game and any other games, as well as the Skjaldborg forums and TS server. This will be a zero-tolerance policy.
    Members are expected to follow this Code with each other, but also externally, when they are showing their affiliation to us.

    Resolving issues:

    The first step in issue resolution should be to take the grievance directly to the offending party. We are all adults and if we take offense, we should be able to talk to each other to resolve the problem without incident. Often times issues that bubble up are caused by the failures of our communication medium, be it text on the forums or misunderstood speech on Discord. If that doesn't work, take it to a member of the Borg HR department (Overseers, Commissars, Leader) to address. We are here to serve as mediators and moderators for the community, so use us! Even if the person is not part of the game you play, they are a servant of the entire community. If you have an issue with an Overseer or a Commissar or myself, take it to an alternate HR rep.


    If you aren't happy, speak up. Communication is key. Do not feel that you cannot change this group, as we are always attempting to improve. If people do not speak up, however, we will never know if there are problems. Don't just throw your hands in the air and let things stew until you've had enough. We are a community here. If you have an issue with a friend, you do not fix things by just cutting off communication. No good ever comes of that. Give the group the benefit of the doubt and try; I think you'll be surprised.


    Warnings are not the end of the world. They expire. Currently, a warning is removed from the member's record after one (1) month. If no further warnings are received within this time, you have a clean slate. If the user receives three (3) warnings at any given time, they will automatically be removed from the Skjaldborg community.

    Leadership reserves the right to remove continually disruptive members for the health of the community, even if they do not reach the automatic removal criteria.
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    Please review this for CW. Unit hopping is not permitted by our CoC, even if you want a solo drop with CW. Just pop over to a public TS (FRR hub, NGNG) and ask for a friend/group invite, then you can "solo" drop of sorts, without any other SoR
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    CoC updated to clarify branch exception expectations.
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