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    Community Policies
    1. All Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. The Skjaldborg is a mature community that is not appropriate for minors. Imposing this restriction, while it can seem arbitrary, is done to protect minors as well as to protect our Community.
    2. All members of the Skjaldborg Community must abide by the established Code of Conduct. When in doubt, remember, Be Excellent to Each Other. Failure to abide by the Code of Conduct will result in: warnings, removal, and/or banning from the Community.
    3. The Skjaldborg will not impose playtime requirements as a condition of membership in the Community. We are all adults and have busy schedules, we are here for enjoyment and to relieve stress rather than to work.
    4. The Skjaldborg must strive to be inclusive, rather than exclusive. Participation in Community activities is to be encouraged rather than forced, and enthusiasm should draw people to participate with their fellows rather than fear of removal.
    5. Members of the Skjaldborg Community are expected to remain up to date on the forums. The forums is our primary means of communication. It crosses all game boundaries and timezones and is essential for disseminating news.
    6. Recognition for achievements in the Community or in Game Branches will be given in the form of forum 'Ribbons'. These are little tokens which people can work towards and feel a sense of accomplishment by achieving.
    7. Extraordinary achievement will be rewarded with a forum 'Medal'. These represent actions taken above and beyond which shine a positive light on our community.
    8. The Community will be managed by ranked members with defined expectations and responsibilities. Members of higher rank are those who desire to give extra time to help the Community flourish.
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    Skjaldborg Official Branches
    (currently suspended until further notice)
    1. The Skjaldborg will allow its members to create Branches of the Community in various games that establish enough interest over an extended period of time. The goal is for the Branch to be draw in new recruits who then expand beyond the Branch and participate in our wider gaming community.
    2. Game Branches must abide by all rules of the Community, however, they can impose additional requirements dependent on the needs of the game.
    3. Game Branches will be able to establish their own ranking system, in addition to that provided by the Community, in order to facilitate their activities in a particular game.
    4. It is expected that members of this Community will not be part of other groups for the games that we have specified as Game Branches. We want you to want to be part of this Community, and if it isn't the right fit, please tell us and move on prior to applying elsewhere.
    5. Game Branches will be able to create their own game specific forum 'Ribbons' to reward Achievement, though 'Medals' will be reserved for the Community as a whole.
    6. Any member who leaves a Skjaldborg in-game unit without prior written/forum notice and permission, for any Official Branch, for any reason, will be considered to have left the community and will not be welcomed back. All permissions will be removed for that game and any other games, as well as the Skjaldborg forums and Discord server. This will be a zero-tolerance policy.
    Game-specific Polices
    (currently suspended until further notice)
    1. Mechwarrior Online (MWO)
      1. The Skjaldborg will not take contracts from the Clans. We are dedicated to the defense of the Inner Sphere and the Free Rasalhague Republic.
      2. The Skjaldborg will not take contracts that oppose the interests of the Free Rasalhague Republic. We will not conquer worlds held by the FRR nor prevent FRR attacks.
      3. The Skjaldborg will spend the majority of its time under contract with the FRR. While we may take contracts elsewhere, it will not be done at the expense of the FRR.
      4. The Skjaldborg Expeditionary Force is free to take any Contract.
      5. The Skjaldborg Expeditionary Force will not take contracts that oppose the interests of the Free Rasalhague Republic. We will not conquer worlds held by the FRR nor prevent FRR attacks.
      6. Members are free to move between the two units. Notification on the forums must be given so that we can manage the member base. You do NOT need an alternate account to switch, although you MAY have an alternate account and have membership in both units.
    2. Star Citizen (SC)
      1. The Skjaldborg will not condone actions taken by individuals which shed a negative light upon the Organization as a whole. Pirates found within our ranks will be subject to the Great Abstinence by being removed from the Organization.
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